About Us

About Us

Luqmaan Alhakeem website represents a new vision of the academic education of the Holy Quran, Arabic, and Islamic subjects through the internet. This vision is crystallized in teaching an integrated study material suitable for different age groups of students. In this regard, we aim to enable students to gain deep understanding of meanings of the Holy Quran, recite it correctly, and understand Islamic subjects.

Subjects available
Adults’ Section
• Qur’an Kareem.
• Arabic.
• Islamic Subjects:
- Hadith “prophetic traditions”.
- Tafsir “interpretation”.
- Tajweed “rules of recitation”.

Kids’ Section
• Qur’an Kareem.
• Rules of Tajweed "Tufa tul At-fal" poem.
• Arabic.

Reading Alphabet
- (Al-Qa’idah Al-Baghdadiyah): Qaidah of reading Alphabet.
- (Al-Qa’idah Al-Noraniyah):Qaidah of reading and tajweed.
- Arabic grammar.
• How to make ablution (soon).
• How to pray (soon).
• (Al-Azkaar) remembrance of day and night (soon).

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