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Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. It is of a great importance as it is one of the tools serving Quran and the Sciences of Sharia. Through Arabic Language, students can read the Holy Quran and understand its meanings, as well as learning the sciences of Sharia.

Arabic Language is divided into several sections:
1- Section of Arabic Reading
This section teaches students how to read the Arabic letters and the correct pronunciation rules. It also represents the first stage of learning Arabic Language through which the students can reach the level of practical application of reading. In this section we shall explain the book of "Al-Qa‘eda Al-Baghdadya" or " Al-Qa‘eda Al-Nouranya".

2- Section of Arabic Conversation
This section trains the students to use Arabic sentences in the form of dialogue, which enables them to practice Arabic easily, and to distinguish between its linguistic manners of expression such as interrogatives, statements, relative pronouns, and exclamation.

3- Grammar Section
Grammar is the most famous and most important science of Arabic Language as it saves from misspeaking. Trough grammar, we correctly understand the language and determine the difference between the subject and object, the subject and predicate.
Levels of Grammar:
Section one: (Beginners)
Section two: (Intermediate)
Section three: (Advanced)

4- Section of Morphology
The science of Morphology defines the structure of the word and how to formulate it in various derivatives to represent various meanings.

5- Section of Rhetoric
The science of Rhetoric represents the meanings intended by the speaker and indicated by the context through a visible connection.

These sections integrate together throughout the process of learning Arabic Language. Grammar saves from misspeaking, morphology helps in identifying the stem of the word and its various derivatives, and rhetoric helps in understanding the meaning for which the speech was said.

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