Islamic Subjects

Islamic Subjects

Luqmaanalhakeem presents some Islamic Subjects that help students to be acquainted with the information that would deepen their understanding of Qura'nic verses.

Arabic Language is divided into several sections:
1- Section of Tafsir [Interpretation of the Quran)
Tafsir subject represents a new program in clarifying the meanings of the Quranic words and explaining the verses in a brief and easy way, thus facilitating its memorization process and connecting its meanings to the reader's mind.

First level:
Interpretation of the thirtieth chapter of the Quran (currently available).

Second level:
Interpretation of Surat Al-Hujuraat (Soon inshaallah).

2- Section of Hadith (prophetic traditions)
Forty Ahadith of Imam Al-Nawawi

Quran and Sunnah are the sources of guidance for every Muslim. The Sunnah consists of the Prophet Muhammad's own statements, own deeds and others' acts that he approved of tacitly. His statements are captured in the authentic hadith literature. Therefore, the authentic hadith, along with the Quran, constitute the basic source of guidance for every Muslim until the Day of Judgment.

Thus, Luqmaan Alhakeem chooses these forty Ahadith for students as they collect the most important and basic issues of creed and ethics.
This subject is devided into two parts:
1. Reading the text correctly and Memorizing it.
2. Studying the explanation of text.

3- Section of Tajweed (rules of recitation of Qur'an)
This section provides a detailed study of Tajweed Rules through a selective materials, that help students to be aware of the nature of proper recitation mechanism.


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