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Luqmaan Al-Hakeem website divides Quran learning into several levels suitable for different age groups, acquisition ability, desire of student to memorize and recite and learn Tajweed rules [Recital Rules of the Quran].

1- Section one: Reading the Holy Quran with Tajweed Rules.
This section is devoted to students who have the ability to read the Arabic letters thus enabling them to recite the Holy Quran properly.

2- Section two: Reading the Holy Quran and learning the detailed rules of Tajweed.
This section provides a detailed study of Tajweed Rules and correctly applying them while reading the Holy Quran

3- Section three: Memorizing the Holy Quran with Tajweed Rules.
This section provides a step-by-step program for memorizing the Holy Quran by dividing it into various levels that consider the various age groups and the ability to memorize.

4- Tafsir [Interpretation of the Quran)
Tafsir subject represents a new program in clarifying the meanings of the Quranic words and explaining the verses in a brief and easy way, thus facilitating its memorization process and connecting its meanings to the reader's mind.

First level:
Interpretation of the thirtieth chapter of the Quran (currently available)

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