Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1- Filling in the registration form and agreeing to the website's policy and conditions
2- Students must be tested to determine their level (free interview).
3- Paying in advance before the beginning of the study.
4- Adhering to the lesson's start time.
5- In case of excusing oneself from the class, it must be at least 6 hours before the start time of the class.
6- In case a student does not attend nor provide an apology letter, they shall pay the lesson's charge.
7- Students are not entitled for a refund after the payment.
8- Once a registration is made through the website, it is considered as a tacit approval of the terms of the site.
9- The administration of the website has the right to amend these conditions without the need to notify the students.

Conditions for success and earning a certificate
- Passing the course exam with a success rate not less than 70%.
- Attendance percentage to pass the course should not be less than 80% of its hours.
- Students have the right to obtain a certified certificate form the website according to the previous conditions.

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